Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gobe? Agobe?

The day after my surgery, my children went to the homeschool co-op that we participate in. I didn't want to disrupt their regular schedule. I wanted them to go somewhere where they could try to forget that Mommy was in the hospital.

I can't remember who drove them to co-op, but I know that my close friend, Gloria, drove them home. On the way home, she did something that my kids will always remember... No, it wasn't a trip to McDonald's. Although she might have taken them? You know about my memory... Gloria took my children to the Dollar Store. She told each of them to pick something to give to Mommy.

They each took their time and picked different items. It is really interesting because they each picked things that say a lot about their personalities. A1, my oldest, picked a nativity, Christmas ornament and a dolphin keychain that had a flashlight. It showed A1's serious and silly side. A2 picked a bouquet of poinsettias. She is girl who knows her momma. A3 picked out a stuffed animal. Such a "youngest" child.

My children got to come and see me at the hospital on Saturday. They came in with this bag to give to Mommy. They were so proud. I think that it made them feel like they could do something for Mommy. I was so thankful to Gloria for doing such a simple and creative thing. 

We all tried to think of a name for the stuffed animal A3 had picked. The stuffed animal looked like a mix between a gopher and a bear to me, so we came up with the name Gobe. He is small, shaggy, and a little oddly shaped. His left ear is slightly more towards the back of his head. His nose is crooked. He has a really narrow neck. He also has this crazy piece of fur sticking out of his left ear. But, you can't help but love his irregularities. A3 would put him on my bed and tell Gobe to take care of his momma. Then, the other two started making sure that Gobe was on my bed. We all would start saying, "Gobe! Gobe! Gobe!"

My husband thought that we should name him Agobe because all of our children's names, including his,  start with the letter A. Either name is fine with me. I just like the fact that this is a reminder to them that they did something for Mommy when they thought they couldn't... and I know that that means a lot to them.

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