Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Okay, so Koreans are very into having clear faces. Clear of pimples. Clear of beauty marks. Clear of any discolorations. Clear of scars. Clear of everything on their faces.

Hello, my name is Monica and I don't have a clear face. I have a mole (jum) on my face.

Koreans are really in tune with my jum. I cannot tell you how many conversations I have had with people suggesting that I get my mole removed. My mother-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, friends in Korea, the owner at the beauty salon my mother goes to, my friend's mother, strangers, people here, people there, people everywhere... I have even been in conversations with people and have seen their eyes wander to my mole. Maybe it's mesmerizing? Last week we met with someone, and I found out, today, that he had suggested to my husband that I get it removed.

I always joke with my husband that I should change my Korean name from Hyunjung to Hyunjum.

Even my friend's daughter got into this. This was a conversation that occurred between my friend's daughter and I. She had been indifferent to me most of the day. When I was kneeling near their dog, she looked at me for quite a while and asked:

J: What is that?
Me: What is what? (even though I could see where her eyes were focused)
J: That on your face?
Me: A jum.
J: What's a jum?
Me: A mole.
J: Oh.
Me: Why, what did you think it was? (Something in me told me to ask this)
J: A wart.

Can you spot the differences?


God doesn't make mistakes. He created me with a special mark on my face. I have never found the need to have it removed. If it was harmful to me, I would. But, it isn't.

God gave me a husband who, since his childhood, always admired people with jums on their faces. I've asked him if he thought that I should get it removed. He always said, "No, I like it." Good answer.