Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Super Green Drink

After I got sick, I read different books on healthy eating for cancer patients. This is one of the things that people kept recommending: the green drink. It is a super food! It says so on the label! Read for yourself! There are many brands but this is the one that I chose. Where did I get it? Whole Foods, of course. I think that you can get it on Amazon also.

The green drink is packed with nutrients and helps to boost your immune system. It is a raw (uncooked) and organic food. It is easier to drink this than to eat a bunch of wheat grass or spinach. Drink this a few times a day, and you will achieve your daily 5-9 daily servings of vegetables. Pretty amazing.

I actually got the regular flavor (orange container). It is green. It tastes green. And, well, smells green. Someone told me that it "tastes like grass." When I first got it, I mixed it with almond milk and some agave nectar to help me get it down. It wasn't that bad. Slowly, I reduced the amount of agave and was able to drink it without any sweeteners. I actually like it now. It almost reminds me of the mate that I drank growing up in Argentina.

The only thing that bothered me about the green drink was that some clumps would form. I would make it, drink it, and get some leftover globs in my mouth. I don't like globs. Then, I went to my cousin's house. She is the wonder woman who buys organic wheat, mills it at home, and bakes her own bread. Yes, bakes her own bread. Did I mention that she has a daughter who is 6 and a set of twins who will be 3 soon? Oh yeah, she also homeschools. Don't worry, she doesn't wear jean jumpers or anything like that.

When I went to my cousin's house, she had the chocolate flavored version. I had avoided it because I thought that it might taste artificial. I don't know what I was thinking?? The whole concept behind this drink is no artificial anything. My cousin put a scoop in a glass, added a little water, stirred it, then added some chocolate almond milk.

I told her how I hated those clumps and she asked me if I added water at the beginning. I told her that I did not. That is when she told me that you are supposed to add water in the beginning so that the mixture dissolves well. She said, "It says so on the instructions." Just another Moni moment. These types of scenarios occur often in my life.

Well, let me tell you. The chocolate flavored drink was really good, especially with the chocolate almond milk. I couldn't even taste anything green. It tasted like chocolate milk! Those of you who don't like anything "green" will like the chocolate flavored mix with chocolate almond milk. (I wouldn't recommend the chocolate soy milk because of the soy. Remember, soy doesn't like me and I don't like it.) Then, I would slowly ease off of the chocolate almond milk until you can just drink it with plain, old almond or rice milk. It is possible.

Well, my cousin told my uncle that I liked the chocolate green drink and he got me two huge containers of it. I'm still finishing them up. I drink it with a little water and rice milk - no clumps! The regular and the chocolate are both good to me. Someone I know got the berry flavored one and she adds that to her shakes. Try one and see if you like it. Or buy it for your parents. It's good for them!

How to mix a green drink:

1. Pour a little water into a mug.
2. Dump one scoop into the mug.
3. Swirl the mixture (don't even need a spoon at this point).
4. Watch the powder mix into the water.
5. Add almond or rice milk (I use rice milk now - got it at Costco).
6. Mix with a spoon.
7. Drink!


  1. I will never wear a denim jumper. LOL!

  2. Yes, the berry one with a bannana and some strawberries and the chocolate with banannas and peanut butter kept Emma healthy after her esophagus problems. I MAKE myself drink it sometimes. You are a wonderful woman & friend...Love you! A.S.

  3. You are a very wonderfully brave and funny're blog entries are entertaining, uplifting and REAL. Just a note about the GREEN GLOP...I like the berry flavor with strawberries and bannanas and kind of hides the taste. Also, I use the chocolate flavored shake with bannana and peanut kept Emma healthy during the months of her esophagus and choking issues. Just some ideas...(no peanut butter in your house, I know!)...xxoo A.S.

  4. Thanks for the info, woman. I want to try this with my family. Love you! LA Sue