Friday, January 13, 2012


Got a lot done today. That is, in the world of appointments (thank you for your prayers). If you remember, I have had a hard time getting myself to make appointments to see various doctors. It just didn't happen. Mental block. Emotional strain. I don't know. Well, today, it happened!

My plastic surgeon's office had called yesterday about scheduling the next surgery for mid February. The receptionist said that she had called the other doctor's office (gynecologic oncologist) to coordinate the time for the surgeries. They told her that I had not called to make an appointment. Then, I had to explain that I had gone to the office to make the appointment but that the receptionist told me that they had to get my records, have the doctor look it over, and then call me for an appointment. Well, I ended up calling the gynecologic oncologist's office today and they made an appointment for me for the beginning of February. There was a little more confusion with the p.s.'s office, but everything turned out okay.

My breast surgeon had also recommended that I go to physical/occupational therapy. The movement in my arms has not been ideal. My husband also said that the knot(s) in my neck and shoulders seem to be getting worse. He sees it and I can feel it. I had to call the hospital to make this appointment. I called and made two appointments to see a physical therapist. I just hope that they don't crack any of my bones or make me cry in pain.

Lastly, I had to make an appointment with the gastroentrologist concerning my hepatitis c. My oncologist had given me the doctor's name and phone number in December. I waited until today because today was the day to make all the appointments that I had been procrastinating! This office was the easiest to make an appointment with. I have that appointment at the end of the month. Unfortunately, when I asked them where his office was located, the receptionist told me that it was in the same building as my past primary care doctor - the one who had misdiagnosed me. Kind of made me cringe a little, but I have to do what I have to do.

Four appointments in one day. Not bad... for me.

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