Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Last Week

Last Monday:
  • was starving before my surgery (wanted Portillo's so badly!)
  • had a nurse try to start an IV but collapsed a vein instead
  • had another double surgery (ovaries/fallopian tubes out and last part of reconstruction)
  • was in the operating room for 5 hours
  • was in the post-operating room for 2 hours
  • when finally conscious, had to go to the bathroom (and had to walk to it)
  • threw up
  • cried
Last Tuesday:
  • was feeling really nauseous 
  • had sausage fingers because I was bloated 
  • very sensitive to smells
  • very sensitive to taste (like morning sickness) (funny taste in my mouth)
  • came home at 8 pm
  • cried because I was in pain, wanted to lay down, but couldn't
  • had a huge air bubble inside of me (apparently, they blow you up when they do surgery laproscopically and air gets stuck inside when they sew you up again) (as you lay down, that air bubble travels across your body like you have a little critter inside of you) (painful)
  • realized that anesthesia doesn't agree with me
  • cried a lot
Last Wednesday:
  • ate little bits at a time because my stomach had not eaten and because my body was filled with that air bubble
  • still nauseous
  • still extremely sensitive to smells
  • still had a funny taste in my mouth
  • still had sausage fingers
  • found comfort listening to Moody Radio
  • cried to my husband
Last Thursday:
  • got back to reading the Bible by myself
  • got more of an appetite
  • less bloating
  • less of that funny taste in my mouth
  • could feel the air bubble getting smaller
Last Saturday:
  • no more need for Tylenol
  • more appetite
  • less funny taste in my mouth
  • felt like I was going to live
  • minimal pain (compared to the last surgery and c-sections)
  • glad to be able to read the Bible again
  • grateful for my mom, who has been helping us
  • thankful for all of your prayers
  • struggling with hormone fluctuations
  • learned that my husband ate Portillo's for dinner while I was in post-op
  • really wanting to live for Jesus

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