Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Homeschool Odyssey, Part 2

Here is Part 1.

When A2 started preschool something wasn't right. I would call her and she would zone out and not respond. Sometimes, she would start walking and zone out. One time, this happened in a busy parking lot. I freaked out. That was when we knew that we needed to call the doctor. We had to go to a pediatric neurologist and she was diagnosed with absence seizures (or petit mal seizures).

Those were difficult times. Some people made judgments about why our daughter was sick. Some people told me that it wasn't something to share with others because she might not be able to get married when she got older. On top of that, I felt so much guilt for not noticing it sooner. The seizures make you think that the child is not paying attention and zoning out. They are, but not on purpose.

A2 had to take strong medication to stop her seizures. The medication worked, but it also required her to sleep a lot. It also made it difficult for her to wake up for preschool. It wasn't an easy schedule having to drive A1 to the public school and lugging A3 in the car seat when I dropped off or picked up A2 at preschool. 

As I prayed about all of these situations, homeschooling kept surfacing in my heart. It really scared me. I rationalized that my husband and I weren't in agreement on the matter. I wasn't about to make a life changing decision without my husband. I kept praying and "homeschooling" would not go away.

That was when I went to my husband and told him what I had been thinking and praying about. To my surprise, he said that we should pray about it. It was not a "no way" answer. We thought that we (I) should start by reading up on the subject, and that is what I did.

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