Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Going to the P.S.

A little while back, one of my children asked me the following question: "Mom, why are you going to the plastic surgeon? Are you getting something done to your face?"

When I heard this, I had to keep myself from laughing. I guess there are a few things that could "freshen"  my appearance, but I had forgotten the innocence of a child. All they know about plastic surgery is that people change their facial features. My child had never learned that plastic surgeons also work with other areas of the body and reconstruction.

We had a talk. I explained my mastectomy again. I also had to explain that the plastic surgeon had to reconstruct that area. I think that everything is clarified now.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with the plastic surgeon again. It is interesting because I feel a bit shy about entering that office sometimes. The reason being that I don't want people to think that I am having a Hollywood, 90210 procedure done. I almost want to wear a sign that says, "I HAD A MASTECTOMY AND I AM HAVING RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY DONE."

I had a lot of questions that I needed to remember to ask my doctor. Of course, the day that I did go to the office, all those sharp pains that I had been experiencing disappeared. It seems as if those "pains" know when I am going to the doctor and "hide" out until after the appointment. The doctor wasn't sure why I was experiencing the sharp pains. Hopefully, those pains have hit the road. In a few days, I can start doing some of the mastectomy exercises to get full range of motion in my arm again.

An extra bonus was that she saw the scar on my neck and told me to do some scar maintenance. She said that massaging my scar would help the appearance in the long term. I was truly thankful that she told me that. It was not a scar that she had made because another surgeon had operated there. But, her input as a plastic surgeon was truly appreciated.

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