Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Lately, I've been singing a song from the early 80's. It is a song that my sister sang when she was in youth group... in the early 80's.  She sang this when I was in elementary school and she was in high school. She is five years older than me. She liked to sing and had a really nice voice. I heard a lot of her singing and took in the songs. Sometimes, I sang some of those songs. She told me not to sing in public. She's not a mean sister. She is a very kind, loving, and giving sister. She was just telling it like it was. My husband has suggested similar ideas. I've come to terms with my singing abilities... but I still sing.

I know where I'm going,
And who I'm gonna see.
I have a friend named Jesus,
Waiting there for me.
He has given something,
That only He could give.
He gave His life in payment,
So that I could live.

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