Thursday, April 5, 2012

Agobe Update

Remember Gobe or Agobe? Well, this is how I always seem to find him on our bed. His place is between my husband and I. I didn't put him there. A3 or A2 always put him with his head above the covers when we aren't looking, I think. I get freaked out sometimes when I go lay down because this is how I always find Gobe on our bed. I didn't put him there. I know that my husband didn't put him there. BTW, like his little pillow?

A3 makes sure that Gobe has activities for the day and that he eats well. I am usually asked, "What is Gobe going to eat?" or "Where is Gobe?" or "What is Gobe going to do?" or "Don't throw Gobe, Mom!"

That little gopher bear has a special place in our family, even if he has a crooked nose... and a crazy, wild hair out of his ear.

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