Thursday, April 26, 2012

So Much Grace

Serving at a first generation Korean church, I have learned a lot of Korean worship songs. It was a bit hard at times because I wasn't used to singing in Korean. I also didn't understand all the words. But, after hearing some of the songs many times (and my husband translating them for me), some have really touched my heart. Some have moved me to tears... even when just thinking of the words. This is one of those songs.

The chorus really speaks to my heart. The line of not being able to express, with words, all the grace that God has shown me. I really have been shown so much grace. It has been more and more evident these past few days. Who am I that He shows me so much favor?

by poetwhang

(Only Bound to Jesus' Love)
(roughly translated - please tell me if you have a better translation)

Only bound to Jesus' love
My soul sings joyfully to the Lord
On the hill of this hope, the land of joy 
I praise You, O Lord

Only bound to His presence
My soul sings joyfully to the Lord
On the hill of this calling, on holy ground
I give my love to You, O Lord

I can't express all the grace that You have given me
My soul will follow You joyfully
I give my life to You

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