Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dinner and Flowers

The other day we were invited to a former church member's house for dinner. It was a bit far away but we were really excited to see them again. When we got there, the wife told me that there were flowers for me. It turns out that one of our current church member's sister goes to the same church as that former church member. That sister is the former church member's small group leader. Are you following me?

Well, that small group leader owns a flower shop. She heard that I was coming and she delivered a bouquet of flowers. A bouquet that is beautiful beyond words. It made me feel so happy and the fragrance was wonderful! Now our house is filled with the lovely fragrance of the flowers.

I kept taking pictures because the flowers looked different at every angle. 

There were flowers in this bouquet that I have only seen in magazines.

Someone came over, saw the bouquet, and asked me the names of some of the different flowers. I couldn't answer. Oh yeah, I did say, "Those pink ones are roses. I think the yellow ones are tulips." I really like those puffy, light purple ones that form a ball, but I don't know what they are called?

We were so thankful for that time with that former church member. She specifically cooked different foods that were good for my health. She is not in the best of health herself, but she took the time to cook for us. Did I mention that she also packed a ton of leftovers for us? Then the flowers! Coincidence? I don't think so. I think... God.

by GloryToFatherGod

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