Friday, April 13, 2012

Korea + Gifts

Monday was a bit crazy for us. My husband and I had to split up to get different things for my in-laws to take back to Korea. Here are some key gift ideas for when you go to Korea:

  1. Centrum
  2. Centrum Silver
  3. Omega 3 vitamins
  4. Taster's Choice Coffee (pouches sold at the Korean super market)
  5. Honey Powder (pouches sold at the Korean super market)
  6. Honey (very heavy)
  7. EOS lip balm
  8. New Balance gym shoes. 

Yes, I said, "New Balance." Three out of 5 nephews/niece wanted New Balance gym shoes. It seems that they are really big in Korea right now. And they're really expensive out there! I went to this sporting store at the mall to look for New Balance gym shoes. When I walked in and the sales person asked me if I needed help, I told him, "Do you have New Balance gym shoes." He gave me a funny look. He then took my sister-in-law and I to where the 6 or so pairs of New Balance gym shoes were. The rest of the 100+ shoes on display were either Nike, Puma, or Addidas. We don't understand the rage, but they are the rage that they are.

My sister-in-law couldn't believe how "cheap" things were here. She fell overboard for TJMAXX, Marshall's, Nordstrom Rack, and Off 5th. She couldn't believe the prices compared to Korea. It was so funny because the whole time she was here she kept commenting on how cheap everything was. On the day before she left, she went to a golf store with my husband and she said that the $25 golf hats were too expensive. We all laughed so hard! I think she got used to the sale prices here.

We are so thankful that we got to spend time with family. We hadn't been able to spend a lot of time with my sister-in-law in Korea because she lived further away. This was the opportunity my children needed to bond with her and my mother-in-law again. Thank you, Lord, for that time.

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