Friday, April 27, 2012


My husband has been doing visitations. He has been visiting all the church member's homes. He does this once, maybe twice a year. During that time, it is difficult to see him. He visits 2-3 houses a day. Thankfully this year it is not everyday, but a few days a week.

When the kids have multiple homeschool classes/activities, it is a bit more difficult because I have to cook, clean, and drive all day. It is on days like these that my limitations come more to light. In between the dishes and cooking, I get depleted of all energy. I try to rest in between but it is sometimes difficult. Not only that, my shoulder acts up again. But don't tell my husband!

Please pray that God will be present at each visitation. Please also pray that God will give me the strength for those days that my husband isn't at home with us.

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