Friday, April 20, 2012

Unexpected Call

On Tuesday, I got a call from the occupational therapist that I had seen after my mastectomy. She had called before and had left a message on the answering machine. I had called her back and left a message at her office. We kept missing each other's calls. On Tuesday, we finally were able to talk.

I really appreciated her care and concern. She could have listened to my message and left it at that. I appreciated her extra steps to get in contact with me. I was able to catch her up on all that has been happening with my right shoulder and, now, my left arm.

You can tell when doctors take a genuine interest in you and when you are just another patient. I feel so thankful for all the doctors that I have been able to see. I have been shown so much kindness and concern. God has been so good in connecting me with really good doctors who also care. Thank you Lord!

On Friday, I will be going to my monthly oncologist visit. I have a lot to discuss with her. If you remember, I had to see a different oncologist last month because Dr. K was on vacation. There are a lot of new aches and pains that I need to get her input on. I also have some issues with the tooth that my dentist wanted to do a root canal on. Complications that can occur (disintegration of my jaw bone) because of my monthly shot caused us to cancel that procedure.

Please pray that I will remember all the things that I need to discuss with her. Please also pray that God will give her the wisdom she needs to deal with these complicated issues. Then, there's that ouchy Xgeva shot...

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