Monday, April 2, 2012

Rose Oil to the Rescue

Remember my post about rose oil? Well, I have to tell you a short story. My sister-in-law gets this rash/bumps on her face when she is too tired. It started to occur after her major back surgery two years ago (got metal supports in her spine). She went to the doctor but they prescribed some strong medication. Whenever the rash occurred, she would put some of this medicine on. The problem was that it occurred quite often and she became dependent on that medication.

After being here for a week, my sister-in-law got the rash again. She put some medicine on (she brought the lower dose cream) but it wasn't really working. I suggested some rose oil and she used it on Thursday night. When she woke up on Friday, she told me that it had brought her rash down. She asked me to order five for her to take back to Korea. She also said that the rose oil smell wasn't so bad. It reminded her of the smell of the oil they use for facial massages.

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