Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Root Canal!

My dentist had wanted to do a root canal before my last surgery. I thought that it was going to be a filling, but then my husband told me that it was a root canal. Complications that could occur with the Xgeva shot and my jaw bone postponed that procedure (plus the fact that I was going to have surgery again). That is, until my tooth started bothering me again. I told this to my oncologist and she canceled my Xgeva shot for last Friday. Dr. K told me to go get my tooth fixed.

Now, my dentist needs approval from my oncologist to get everything started. Written approval. He had gotten it before, but it seems that the time period expired. I am waiting to hear from the dentist.

I don't want a root canal. The word itself brings back bad, bad memories. When I was in high school, I cried when I had a root canal. It hurt. A lot. When the novacaine was wearing out, I told the dentist. He said that it was okay because I didn't listen to my mother. He was still drilling and stuff. Was he transferring his frustration with his kids, on me??  I also remember sitting down and waiting while my mother talked to the dentist's wife after the procedure. The dentist's wife reached over to me with a tissue because I was drooling - without knowing it. Novacaine does that to you.

Pray for me. Please also pray that God will give the dentist the wisdom and skill that he needs to perform the procedure in the least painful way.

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