Friday, October 5, 2012


Had to change the day of the week that I normally go to the oncologist. The day of the week that I used to go on was in conflict with our homeschool co-op days. In the past, I went in the early morning. Now, I am going in the afternoon. Don't have to wake up super early to go. I didn't see the usual people when I went. Threw me off a bit, but then I got to see some new faces.

Got my blood drawn. I always pray that God will give me a tech that is gentle with the needle. The tech I got this time jammed the needle in. I think that he thought that if he just stuck the needle in really quick, it wouldn't hurt. Still hurt.

Saw my oncologist. It is always good to see her. I don't envy her job. She sees a lot of pain. She sees a lot of things that the majority of people don't see. Must take a lot out of her. Well, she told me that all my scans came out well. No new growths. No larger growths. Keeping my cancer contained is the goal of my treatment.

Got my Xgeva shot. The needle didn't hurt going in. For a second, I thought that, just maybe, it wouldn't hurt this time. Then, the nurse administered the medicine through the needle. Then it really hurt. Can't get around this painful, intramuscular shot. Thank you, Lord, that it only lasts for a few seconds.

Had a disturbing dream the night before. Made me feel a little contemplative and a little blue. Can you tell?

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