Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Unnecessary Force

Usually, my scans and tests at the hospital are in the morning. On Monday, I had a late afternoon appointment for an MRI. It's so different when you go at different times because you don't see the usual people working. Emotionally, I wasn't doing so well because the dizziness had gotten worse on Sunday. Every little movement of my head seemed to send me into a dizzy frenzy. I was thankful that the dizzy spells only lasted a few seconds.

Once in the scanning area, the MRI tech asked me if it was hard finding veins on my arms. I told her that it was. I guess I have small, thin veins... at least, that's what I've been told. The tech said that she would get the nurse. You see, they have a special nurse for these types of situations. They help find veins in arms that seem veinless. You would think that they would be gentle...

Well, let me tell you what happened on Monday. The nurse came and got my arm prepped for the port. THEN, she jammed the needle into my arm so hard that my head went back, I yelped, and I almost got out of the chair. Then, my head started to spin because I had put my head back. Usually, the nurses stick the needle slightly parallel to my arm - at an angle. I believe that this nurse stuck the needle straight into the depths of my arm. Like an intramuscular shot. With a lot of force. No gentleness.

I will tell you that I don't shy away when they poke me with needles. I look away, but I don't pull my arm away. Getting poked with needles is a part of my life now. But, this instance takes the cake! I have never pulled my head back nor tried to jump out of the chair like this day. IT HURT! It hurt even after she said that she was done. It hurt 45 minutes later, when the tech pulled the port out. It still feels a bit sore.


I didn't pray like I should have. Always need to pray for techs/nurses that are gentle with needles... because some are not!


  1. I don't think your arm should hurt 45 min after...should the hospital person in charge of the nurses know about this? I mean, that doesn't sound right to me...


    1. That's my problem. I didn't want to cause trouble. I should have said something to the tech but decided not to. If I cross paths with that nurse again, I'm taking off!