Thursday, October 18, 2012

By Jove, I Think She's Got It!

So my vertigo raged on, and then one of my friends left a comment on one of my recent posts. She wrote about her husband who had been diagnosed with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) at the beginning of the year. I looked it up. I read about it. I self diagnosed. And, I determined that that's what I had.

When I read about BPPV, things began to come together for me. Basically, I had done something that damaged my inner ear (controls your balance) and brought me to this dizzy reality. And, I remember what!

The Monday before my vertigo began, I had washed my hair using the shower head attachment. Okay, I was too lazy to take a full body shower. Don't judge. My hair wasn't in such great shape so I leaned forward and used the shower head to wash my hair. (Note: had not washed my hair in this way in a really long time.) As I was rinsing off the shampoo, I twisted my head in a weird way. I remember feeling something and thinking in my head, "I shouldn't have done that." For the rest of that day, my head wasn't feeling good. It felt a bit achey. 

The next day, I woke up to a dizzy, dizzy world.

Now what?

I'm trying to do some of the recommended exercises that try to put everything back in place in your inner ear. I did 5-6 repetitions on our love seat. (These are exercises that a doctor is supposed to help you with. I did it searching the internet because my MRI came back with nothing wrong.)

  1. I sat in the middle of the love seat facing forward.
  2. I slowly lay on my right side.
  3. Waited until the dizziness subsided.
  4. Waited 1 minute.
  5. Got up.
  6. Waited until the dizziness subsided.
  7. Waited 1 minute.
  8. Slowly lay down on my left side.
  9. Waited 1 minute.
  10. Got back up.
  11. Waited 1 minute.
  12. Started with the right side again.

As I did these exercises, I realized something. When I lay on my left side, the room didn't really spin. It was bad on my right side, but there was very little spinning on my left. This helped me to strategize when I lay down to rest. If I lay down on my left side, there would be minimal spinning. Then, I could quickly flip on my back. Hopefully, there won't be any dizzy dramas. 

About the motion sickness medication: hasn't kicked in. The dizziness is still there, but something else has kicked in. Something that I can't quite put into words. My body was drained of energy. I was really, really tired. There was this "buzzy" feeling. As if I was shaking like a florescent light. At times, things seemed to go in slow motion but they weren't. Does any of this make sense? Bottom line, I experience all the side effects of all drugs.

Pray for me, please!

Also, if you are past 40 (like me), remember that you can't do the same things you did when you were in your 20's or even 30's. Don't try and wash your hair in positions that might cause your inner ear tubes to mess up and bring you to a dizzy, dizzy world! You will regret it!

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