Thursday, October 4, 2012

Small House

We live in a small townhouse. It fits our needs, and we are so thankful for a home. Over the years, I have learned two important things from having a smaller home:

1. You can't be a hoarder (addictive show, by the way). There is no room so I have to go through our things and purge our small home of "stuff." Constantly. I keep a bag in the closet that I fill with things that I need to donate. As I clean, I place various items in the bag. When it fills up, I take it to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Makes you feel better that it is helping someone else.

2. When you live in a smaller home, you can't hide from your family. I've tried this. Many times. But, I still have to face them. It keeps me in check. No one can go to their room for the whole day and not be seen. We have to interact and be in each other's faces lives. Sounds crazy sometimes, but in the long term, it's what we need.

So thankful...

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