Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Resident Standers

Yesterday, I had my one year appointment with my endocrinologist. Can you believe it? A year has almost passed since my thyroidectomy/mastectomy! It is hard to believe that it was almost one year ago... Now, when I think of Thanksgiving, I think of my surgeries and how good it was to spend it with my family... at home. Who can forget?

Everything went well with my appointment. I did bring up my hair loss, and he is going to do some blood work to see my iron levels. Unlike some doctors, Dr. W takes his time with each patient. I might have to wait a little bit longer because he is talking quite a bit with the patient before me, but unrushed time with your doctor is such a blessing. He also remembers all my complicated medical facts without looking at the computer. I don't even remember sometimes. Things like that make such a difference to me.

But, I have to tell you about the medical student that came in with Dr. W. They both entered the room and Dr. W took a seat in front of me. There was a third chair in the room, but the medical student didn't sit down. They never do. I noticed this when the occasional medical student would come in with my oncologist. Some would come in before my oncologist to ask a few routine questions, and they would sit down. But as soon as the doctor entered the room, they would stand up.

I was in the room with Dr. W for 30 minutes or so. The medical student was standing the whole time. There was a chair right next to him, but he didn't dare sit. He just stood there. I started to feel uncomfortable. He looked uncomfortable. It was quite a sight. The doctor, the patient, and the standing medical student.

Why can't medical students sit down?


  1. That is so true! I just realized that. Maybe, you can only sit after you have been in the field for awhile. Maybe, It's a sign of respect or they want the Dr. to see how serious they take the job. After all you don't want to be the lazy medical student that sits while the Dr. stands ;) And if you have a Dr. who goes back and forth from sitting to standing...well that can be difficult to follow. It's safer to stand ;)

    1. I almost told him to sit down.

    2. maybe that's all he was waiting for ;)