Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This is my right shoulder. 

This is my left shoulder.

Pretty freaky?

Pretty cool?

Just acupuncture needles in my shoulder
and cupping glass thing-a-ma-jiggers making my skin look really freakish. 

Don't give me that look. 

These are traditional Eastern methods that have worked for thousands of years.

Someone in my church had studied acupressure. She gave me weekly acupressure massages (since September) and it was incredible to see how effective they were. I could lift my arms higher than I had ever been able to lift them since my surgery (which was almost one year ago). The massages were once a week and it was mind bending to see the improvement in movement in my arms.

One week I was walking to the room where she was going to massage my shoulders and was sidetracked by someone. I talked to that person and forgot why I was going in the direction that I was. I proceeded to my car and remembered 30 minutes later that I was supposed to go to get the massage. Don't judge, accept me for no-short-term-memory me. That week, I felt the difference. I was sore and couldn't move as well.

But, why are there needles and cupping thing-a-ma-jiggers?

My friend took me to an acupuncture/acupressurist for my birthday. Turns out her husband's fellow pain management doctor went to this acupuncture/acupressurist for frozen shoulder and was cured. No medicine required. No side effects felt. Really!

Now, I am going twice a week to this acupuncture/acupressurist. This is also a long story, but I will skip the details on this blog. You can ask me about it if you see me or talk to me on the phone... It can only be God!

BUT, the big question remains: does it hurt!?!?

Yes and no. 

It does not hurt when she sticks the needles into my flesh. Really. The needles are very thin. It does hurt when she hits that sore spot... and jiggles the needle a bit. But, the pain is quick and temporary. Still a lot better than getting that tear-inducing cortisone shot. Really.

Then, she sticks a flame into the cupping glass and sticks the glass onto my arm. No pain whatsoever. The hot air inside the glass suctions your skin. This is supposed to improve circulation in the area that is being treated. It also leaves dark, red marks on your arm. Temporarily. It will fade with time. So glad that it is cold and not summer, short sleeve weather.

The acupuncture/acupressurist waits a while and then jiggles the needles one more time. Not as big of an ouch. Temporary. After more time passes, she takes the cupping thing-a-ma-jiggers out, takes out the needles out (no pain), and then gives an acupressure massage. Very nice.

I will keep you updated on this treatment.

I will keep you updated on the pain levels. 

Who would have thought that I would get acupuncture needles and acupressure massages?

Not me.

But, here I am.

So thankful to God for it.

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